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VENUE ADDRESS: Fuhua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, Zip code: 518048
PHONE: +86-755-8284 8800/8900
FAX:+86-755-8284 8700

From Hong Kong Airport–Shenzhen City-SZCEC

Several bus companies offer the cross border shuttle return coach service in the Arrivals Hall of the airport, here some of them:

1)“E&E”bus company offers shuttle return buses from Hong Kong airport to majority Shenzhen hotels

2)“CTS”bus company offers shuttle return buses from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen Huanggang Custom

3)Hongkong Airport-Shenzhen Shekou Passenger Port .You do not need to go through entry procedure when you arrive at the Hong Kong airport, please directly go to the “Pear River Passenger Transship Counter” to book boat ticket and make registration, take the free bus to Haitian passenger port, and then to take the boat to Shenzhen Shekou pier。When you arrive at Shekou Passenger pier, you may take a 204 or a 328 to the Zuzilin stop, then take metro here to SZCEC; or take taxi to SZCEC. (about 20 minutes drive from pier)


Hong Kong Downtown-Luohu Custom-SZCEC

You are kindly recommended to take the East Rail started from Hong Kong East Tsim Sha Tsui to Shenzhen Luohu border,.When you finished your passport checking at Luohu Custom, you can take metro directly to‘Huizhanzhongxin’stop and choose D exit to SZCEC; or take taxi to the SZCEC (about 12 minutes); or take a 337 to SZCEC.

From Shenzhen Baoan Airport :(shenzhen travel route)>> Shuttle Bus between airport and downtown Bus No. 330, Bus No. 327

Taking a 330 or a 327 at the door of airport arrival hall and get off at“Zuzilin”stop, then taking metro to SZCEC.



>> No. 355 Bus

You also can take a 355 to Nantou Checkpoint, then change a 337 to SZCEC.

From Shenzhen Railway Station::(shenzhen travel route)>> From Shenzhen Louhu Railway Station

You can transfer metro at Luohu Railway Station to SZCEC

>> From Shenzhen West Railway StationNo. 22 Bus 9: From West Railway Station, get off at Huizhanzhongxin Nan Stop

No. 353 Bus : From West Railway Station, get off at Huizhanzhongxin Nan Stop


Shenzhen Metro:

Shenzhen Metro:(shenzhen travel route)’Huizhanzhongxin’Stop is just the intersection of Metro Line 1 & Line 4 (refer to the map below), please take Exit D to SZCEC:

SZCEC North Gate (Fuhua 3rd Rd.) SZCEC East Gate (Jintian Rd.)
No.38 Bus:Railway Station-SZCEC-Xiangmeibei No.34 Bus:Xiasha-Fuhuasanlu-Meilinguan
No. 50 Bus:Qingshuihe-SZCEC-Xiashazongzhan No. 50 Bus:Qingshuihe-Fuhuasanlu-Xiasha
No. 71 Bus:Shangsha-SZCEC-Gongjiadasha No. 71 Bus:Shangsha-Fuhuasanlu-Gongjiadasha
No. 375 Bus:Futianbaoshuiqu-SZCEC-Bujibandaohuayuan No.K113 Bus:Liantang-Fuhuasanlu-Shekoumatou
SZCEC Western Gate (Yitian Central Rd.) SZCEC Southern Gate (Binghe Rd.)
No. 35A:Lianhuasan-Yitianzhonglu-Lianhuasan No. 229 Bus:Ningshuihuayuan-SZCEC.S-Huochexizhan
No. 76 Bus:Meilinguan-Yitianzhonglu-Mawan No. 353 Bus:Huochexizhan-SZCEC.S-Longgangtongle
No. 15 Bus:Meilinyicun-Yitianzhonglu-Shixianan No. 369 Bus:Qingqingshijie-SZECC.S-Bujiyguanghuayuan
No. 374 Bus:Yingchuihuayuan-Yitianzhonglu-Antuosan No. 337 Bus:Wujing-SZCEC.S-Haishangtianyuan
No. 235 Bus:Huanggangkouan-Yitianzhonglu-Liuxianju No. 382 Bus:Xiangzhiwuyuan-SZCEC.S-Liuxiandong
No. 64 Bus:Tian’anshumacheng-Yitianlu-Huacheng No. J1 Bus:Haishangshijia-SZCEC.S-Dameisha
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